Malta BOV ePremier League Knockout Stage Preview - The Best of the Best

Friday 20th May 2022, 11:08 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

Finally, after months of competition, with hundreds of eligible competitors trying to earn a spot, we have our final eight participants ready to battle through the Knockout Stage. Indeed, as the climax of the third season of the Malta BOV ePremier League, we simply can't wait to watch the best of the best compete live - read on for all the essential details in this exclusive preview!

Event Background

For those unaware, the Knockout Stage is the final stage of the competitive FIFA season. Following the Online Qualifiers, Offline Qualifier and Group Stage, this stage is the last piece of the growing question - who's the best FIFA competitor on the Maltese islands? 

Accordingly, the only answer to such a pertinent question is competition, offline and broadcasted to the entire nation. Moreover, the event will be hosted on an epic stage set up at the Valletta Campus Theatre from the morning of 28th May, concluding in the early evening of 29th May. 

Naturally, we'll also need some of the best FIFA players on the island. Back in the saddle, competing on the PS5 version of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, eight local football clubs will be represented after four were eliminated at the Group Stage. 

Without further delay, find the participating clubs listed below together with the specified representative:

Group A Seeds

  • First - Balzan FC - Miguel "Migi" Grima
  • Second - Santa Lucia FC - Gianluca "Turbulense" Sant

Group B Seeds

  • First - Hamrun Spartans - Matthias "Tubbi" Farrugia
  • Second - Gudja United - Kursten "KurstenFIFA" Sciberras

Group C Seeds 

  • First - Sliema Wanderers - Luke "LukeBartolo99" Bartolo
  • Second - Gzira United - Duane "DuaneMercieca" Mercieca

Third Place Seeds

  • Birkirkara FC - Kyle "Barzak" Calleja
  • Mosta FC - Matteo "Vella_999" Vella

Apart from the prize pool at hand, this event may also serve as a seed for the international competitive FIFA event series - the FIFA Global Series. Accordingly, winning here could catapult the victor's career into a global environment should the opportunity arise. 


Moving onto the format, the Knockout Stage will involve the reliable double-elimination bracket. For those unaware, a double-elimination bracket is one where there are two arms of competition; a Winners' Bracket and a Losers' Bracket. Regardless, all matches will involve a best-of-three - where players will compete in a maximum of 3 matches of 2 legs each. 

To begin with, in this case, all teams will start in the Winners' Bracket Quarterfinals. 

From here, any winners will progress to the Winners' Bracket Semi-Finals. However, an early loss sends the competitor to the Losers' Bracket Round #1. While in the Losers' Bracket, an additional loss ends the tournament for that player in particular. 

Accordingly, two losses or eliminations, are needed to eliminate players from the tournament. 

Considering the two brackets, there are two ways to reach the Grand Final on May 29th. Naturally, one team will originate from the Winners' Bracket Final while one will make it from the Losers' Bracket Final. Considering the gruelling nature of the Winners' Bracket, the player seeding from here will earn an advantage in the Grand Final. 

Specifically, considering that the Grand Final consists of a best-of-three like all the other matches, the Winners' Bracket player will start the Grand Final with a 1-0 advantage. Correspondingly, the maximum number of matches to be played in the Grand Final is 2 matches of 2 legs each. 


In terms of schedule, we highly recommend following our very own Fixtures page to stay up to date for the duration of the entire weekend of the competition. 

Regardless, below find the schedule for the first set of matches which will kick off the competition in the first half of the first day on May 28th: 

Winner Bracket - Quarter-Finals - 28th May 

  • Balzan FC vs Mosta FC (10:30 AM) 
  • Hamrun Spartans vs Gzira United (11:20 AM) 
  • Santa Lucia FC vs Gudja United (12:10 PM)
  • Sliema Wanderers vs Birkirkara FC (13:00 PM) 


When it comes to predictions, we have a pool of four players we'd like to throw a spotlight on. Indeed, for those unaware, following each Group, the community and an especial jury voted for three separate Players of the Week. 

Accordingly, each one is a strong contender heading into this upcoming stage of the competition: 

  • Group A POTW - Miguel "Migi" Grima
  • Group B POTW - Matthias "Tubbi" Farrugia
  • Group C POTW - Duane "DuaneMercieca" Mercieca
  • Luke "LukeBartolo99" Bartolo - 2nd place from 2020/21 season

Heading into this competition, there is an awesome mix of new and proven talent. 

However, if were to isolate a particular favourite, it would have to be the likes of Luke "LukeBartolo99" Bartolo. Proving himself as a fierce competitor by topping Group C, let's see if any rookie or veteran can take him down. 

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