Malta BOV ePremier League - Group A Predictions

Thursday 15th February 2024, 08:16 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras


With so much talent to discuss, we'll break down our predictions into three tiers - favourites, contenders and underdogs. 


The favourites are the players who are expected to make the top 4 based on their competitive experience:

  • Balzan FC - Gianluca "Turbulense" Sant
  • Hamrun Spartans - Shaun "Brandsha" Galea
  • Birkirkara FC - Jose " RapidBunny" Martin Sanchez

Representing Hamrun Spartans for the fourth time, Shaun Brandsha is the returning MEPL Champion from the 2023 season. All eyes are on him to see if he can defend his throne. 

As one of the most seasoned competitors in the history of the MEPL, Gianluca "Turbulense" Sant is a favourite without a doubt. Specifically, the veteran has competed yearly, placing second twice in the Main Event - can he earn that elusive win this season? 

While you may not be familiar with who he is, Jose "RapidBunny" Sanchez is an exciting international talent, who dominated the Mexican FIFA scene and has competed in several international competitions. His experience makes him an instant favourite. 


Contenders are players who have a moderate amount of experience, who should challenge to fight for the fourth seed:

  • Valletta FC - Shaun "Vli" Dimech
  • Gzira United - Dale "Bonell" Bonello

Returning under the banner of Valletta FC, Shaun "Vli" Dimech has always been a consistent competitor since 2019, placing 5-8th twice in the Main Competition. Considering the heat in this Group, he might need to show up with a little extra to earn a spot in the Playoffs. 

Also competing for a while, since 2020, Dale "Bonell" Bonello is enjoying his first bout of Main Competition matches after trying for so very long. With a lot of qualifying experience under his belt, we're curious to see how he performs on the day. 


The Underdogs are rather exciting - rookies with so much to prove that could easily turn the competition on its head: 

  • Sirens FC - Wayne "Woncu" Seracino
  • Santa Lucia FC - Owen "Muwx_19" Tanti

For Owen "Muwx_19" Tanti, the 2024 season is only his second season competing at this level of EA SPORTS FC, earning his spot here after finishing 11th at the LCQ. 

Meanwhile, Wayne "Woncu" Seracino does offer more experience in comparison, and his promising 7th place finish at the LCQ could see him pull off some upsets in this Group. 

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