KitKat Sponsoring the Malta BOV ePremier League 2022/23 - A Global Chocolate Brand

Tuesday 14th February 2023, 07:46 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

Another addition to our sponsorships for the Malta BOV ePremier League 2022/23 season, and it's a bang, or should we say, a break? Yes, you already know it from the title, we're proud to announce KitKat as a new sponsor for the ePremier League - read on to learn more below!

KitKat Sponsoring the Malta BOV ePremier League 2022/23 - Have a Break, Have a KitKat

Certainly needing no introduction, with a presence in over 80 countries, KitKat is a global symbol for hitting the pause button on life and savouring a break, regardless if it's well-earned or not. 

Beyond offering an incredible variety of sizes, such as classic fingers or chunky, and tastes, such as original or peanut butter, KitKat is so much more.

In the context of the chocolate industry, it's the first ever chocolate brand to use 100% sustainably sourced cocoa through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan and Rainforest Alliance certified - that's awesome. 

Moreover. KitKat loves investing in gaming and esports. For example, they are proud sponsors of multiple European League of Legends leagues, such as the franchised LEC while also fielding a dedicated KitKat Gaming Twitter page.

In conclusion, we're stoked to have such a world renowned brand onboard as a first-time sponsor of the ePremier league, and you'll be sure to see our competitors enjoying a KitKat after a tough match.

Be sure to stay tuned for more sponsorship announcements!

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