Jack Links Sponsoring the Malta BOV ePremier League 2021/22 - Boosting Player Performance

Thursday 16th December 2021, 05:47 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

Many competitive esports players tend to rely on energy products to give them the edge over their opponents. However, nothing really measures up to a proper meal when it comes to preparing for competition. That's where our next sponsor the Malta BOV ePremier League comes in, with the international brand of Jack Link's hopping on board for this coming season!

Jack Link's Sponsoring the Malta ePremier League 2021/22 - New and International

Jack Link's produces high-quality, superb tasting protein snacks that literally feed the world with outlets placed globally. Redefining what jerky should look and taste like, the brand is renowned for making premium snacks enjoyed unanimously.

Indeed, the brand hails its origins from the habits of North American natives and has come a long way, born in 1916 the company hasn't stopped growing since and has recently reached new heights. 

For those familiar with international esports, Jack Link's is a brand that rings a bell. Accordingly, the brand has been pushing the envelope as a food brand by committing to multiple sponsorships across many scenes. For example, you can find them supporting the likes of Fnatic and Team Envy, who field teams across a plethora of titles.

And that's for good reason too - Jack Link's snacks are literally the perfect bite-sized meal for competitors right before diving into the competition. Like this, we can guarantee that the players will be at their very best. 

Sponsor Statement - Trusted by Athletes

Accordingly, we're proud to have such an incredible sponsor on board and sustaining the competition. Here's a statement from Elaine Brincat, Brand Manager: 

Jack Link’s protein snacks in 3 exciting beef jerky flavours and our latest addition The Biltong are your ideal work out partner. They are trusted by athletes world-wide for providing lean meat, low calorie, high protein yummy snacks. We are proud to be sponsoring the athletes in The Malta BOV ePremier League and giving the athletes the boost they need so they can perform to their optimum levels.

As a new sponsor and international brand, we can't wait to host this upcoming season with their help. 

Stay tuned for more news regarding the upcoming season!

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