BOV Sponsoring the Malta ePremier League 2022/23 - Fourth Year Running

Thursday 2nd February 2023, 08:40 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

With the highly anticipated Offline Qualifier now over, it's the perfect opportunity to thank the sponsors which make all of this possible. Accordingly, there's no sponsor more deserving of recognition than our beloved title sponsor - Bank of Valletta. Continuously endorsing local competition in any form, their commitment to Maltese esports is truly commendable. 

BOV Sponsoring the Malta ePremier League - Our Most Loyal Sponsor

For those unaware, the vision of Bank of Valletta is "to nurture the growth of the BOV Group by establishing ourselves as one of the best performing banks when compared to our European counterparts". Beyond this determination to offer the best services possible, BOV are also determined to invest in Malta. 

So much so, that BOV has stood by the Malta ePremier League ever since the first season. 

Ever since 1974, BOV has grown at an exponential rate and is now the most prominent bank on the island. Hence, we're proud to have them as our title sponsor.  Besides esports, they are also invested in local football, bowling, golf and basketball amongst others!

Bearing this in mind, we highly recommend making use of BOV's incredible banking services, exemplified by the following: 

  • BOV Home Loans
  • BOV Cards
  • BOV Deposit Accounts
  • BOV Studies Plus+
  • BOV Personal Financing
  • Life Insurance and Retirement
  • Business accounts
  • BOV Club
  • BOV Group benefits

If you aren't already a customer, feel free to visit Bank of Valletta's page to learn more and get started now!

Be sure to stay tuned for more news of the ongoing BOV ePremier League season - more sponsor announcements are incoming!

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