BOV ePremier League Offline Qualifier 2023 Recap - Return of the Veterans

Wednesday 8th February 2023, 06:26 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

During the last weekend, 32 of the best competitive FIFA players in the country went head-to-head, trying to earn a spot in the Main Event. After the dust settled, the top 11 have been revealed after the awesome event concluded. Read on for a concise recap of all the action from the BOV ePremier League Offline Qualifier!

BOV ePremier League Offline Qualifier - An Awesome Event

As the competition gathered at Centenary Stadium in Ta' Qali, the tension was simply palpable. While some friendly conversations were had, everyone came to play, holding nothing back. 

Accordingly, after two grueling days of competition, the following are the top 11 competitors heading to the Main Event:

  • #1 - Tubbi
  • #2 - Klawka
  • #3 - GcamBeamz-
  • #4 - Mizu
  • #5 - Shortyy
  • #6 - Vli
  • #7 - KurstenFifa
  • #8 - Migi
  • #9 - IsaacKyleGrima
  • #10 - Haller10
  • #11 - Barzak

Do these names look familiar? Well, as a matter of fact, this is the first Offline Qualifier ever where all the progressing players have all featured in the Main Event of the BOV ePremier League in prior seasons.

It seems that in the offline environment, when the lights went down, the rookies failed to maintain composure and try rattle these veterans.

From this list of competitors, there are a number of heavy hitters returning from last season, exemplified by the following: 

  • Tubbi - 4th place - Hamrun Spartans 
  • Klawka - 5-8th place - Tarxien Rainbows
  • KurstenFifa - 5-6th place - Gudja United

In addition, have some returning players who haven't competed since two seasons ago, exemplified by the following: 

  • Mizu - 5-8th place - Floriana FC
  • Vli - 5-8th place - Valletta FC
  • Haller10 - 13th place - Gudja United 

In this context, this Main Event will offer the unique opportunity for last season's veterans to compete against other veterans - should make for some incredible competition. 

However, we'd like to note that although the veterans walked away with the 11 seeds, the rookies performed very well and managed to take matches the distance.

A special mention goes to "Peqqi" for exhibiting true sportsmanship, which is uncommon these days in such a tense environment.

Thanks to this experience, we're sure the rookies will come back swinging at the next opportunity!

BOV ePremier League Offline Qualifier - What's Next?

So, as a reminder, these 11 competitors will be joined by 3 more competitors, according to the following seeding: 

  • LukeBartolo99 and Turbulense - 1st and 2nd placed individuals from the Malta BOV ePremier League 21/22 season
  • Brandsha - Winner of the Direct Qualifiers at Playcon 2022

Overall, the 14 players will have the privilege of representing a club from the Malta BOV Premier League, competing in the Main Event in March. 

Here, in the Main Event Group Stage, the 14 competitors will fight to make it to the final chapter of the season - the BOV ePremier League Knockout Stage!

Stay tuned for more news and coverage of the 2022/23 BOV ePremier League season here!

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