The Main Competition Stage - Groups Revealed!

Tuesday 30th March 2021, 17:49 | written by: Kurt Aquilina

The day has come and we are one week away from the start of this year's Main Competition stage. The second edition of the Malta BOV ePremier League saw over 300 participants taking part in the online qualifiers, 3 months later and we are now down to the final 16!

We have some new additions this year with Nate, Frank, and Rossi as hosts who just announced who will be facing who in the first stage of the Main Competition. Four groups of four players will face each other in a GSL format where the top placed player of the group will face the bottom-placed player from another group while the second-placed player will face the third-placed player in the Knockout Stage of the Main Competition.

It all starts off on Wednesday 7th April at 7 pm with Group D, followed by Group C on 14th April, Group B on 21st April, and Group A on 28th April followed by the Knockout Stage throughout the month of May.

Be sure to catch all the action and support your player and club on our social media whilst having Nate, Frank, and Rossi hosting the show to keep you entertained!

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