Malta BOV ePremier League Group C Recap - The Last Stop Before Knockout

Monday 25th April 2022, 07:13 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

Following two epic Groups, Group C promised to be just as entertaining as the previous two. Heading into the final stop before the Knockout Stage, all four clubs were well aware of the stakes at hand; one player in particular simply dominated the Group. Read on as we highlight everything in this Malta BOV ePremier League Group C Recap below!

Malta BOV ePremier League Group C Recap - Knockout Seeds Confirmed

Heading into this final piece of Group Play, there was way more to play for compared to the previous Groups. Why? Well, apart from the top 2 proceeding to the Knockout Stage as always, the performance of the third-placed team would need to stack up against that of previous third-place teams. 

Specifically, both Floriana FC (A) and Birkirkara FC (B) would be watching intently as their fates hang in the balance. Beyond points, any factor such as Goal Difference could be the deciding factor where one third-place team doesn't proceed. For any additional context on how we've arrived at this stage of the competition, feel free to view a previous preview

Such thoughts were evidently in the players' minds as they set up on April 19th, ready to grace The Millennium Stand, National Stadium in Ta' Qali with the highest level of competitive FIFA on the island. 

Without further delay, find your clubs and representative players listed below for Group C: 

  • Gzira United - Duane "DuaneMercieca" Mercieca
  • Mosta FC - Matteo "Vella_999" Vella
  • Sliema Wanderers - Luke "LukeBartolo99" Bartolo
  • Valletta FC - Ryan "Klawka" Cauchi

Considering the likes of Luke "LukeBartolo99" Bartolo, the outstanding veteran who placed second last season, predictions focused on this intense battle for second and third place. Accordingly, we wouldn't be disappointed as rookies and veterans fought to make it to the Knockout Stage. 

Malta BOV ePremier League Group C Recap - Standings and Schedule

Broadcasted live for the entire nation to enjoy with an accompanying commentary, here are the overall results from the Match Day: 

19th April 2022, 19:30

  • Gzira United vs Sliema Wanderers (5-5)
  • Mosta FC vs Valletta FC (6-3)

19th April 2022, 20:15

  • Gzira United vs Mosta FC (3-1)
  • Valletta FC vs Siema Wanderers (0-4)

19th April 2022, 21:00

  • Gzira United vs Valletta FC (4-6)
  • Sliema Wanderers vs Mosta FC (5-1)

Consequently, below find the final standings as determined by the scores: 

(Insert image of standings please)

Malta BOV ePremier League Group C Recap - Wandering to Victory

Indeed, let's get one thing out of the way - Luke "LukeBartolo99" Bartolo has proven once again that he remains one of the top competitors on the island and likely the favourite heading into the Knockout Stage. Under the banner of the Sliema Wanderers, he pulled off the highest-scoring performance in any of the Groups, with 7 points under his belt. 

Rather, it looks like he's continuing where he left off last season, rising to the occasion on the Main Stage. 

However, not every opponent simply caved. As evident in the first match, Duane "DuaneMercieca" Mercieca for Gzira United gave him the most trouble.

Just imagine - in your debut at the Main Stage of the BOV ePremier League, your first match is against the runner-up from last season! Despite this pressure, the rookie managed to pull out a draw which down the line, would help him earn second place in the Group. 

Specifically, if not for this draw, 2nd-4th would have tied in points! While Sliema Wanderers reigned clearly, the three other teams would all manage to take one victory from one another. 

Bearing this in mind, goal difference played a part in deciding third place. Heading into this Group, we happily pointed out Ryan "Klawka" Cauchi's impressive statistic of having the lowest Goals Conceded Per Game compared to this Group's contestants. However, on the Match Day, his losses involved high-scoring performances from the opposition. 

So much so, that even Mosta FC losing 5-1 (-4 GD) to Sliema Wanderers wasn't enough to help Valetta FC climb into third following an impressive win against Gzira United!

Overall, we're quite impressed with Matteo "Vella_999" Vella's performance. Considering he's absolutely new to competitive FIFA, his history in competing in the local Rocket League scene likely helped him compete at the highest level. 

All in all, although Sliema Wanderers might have walked away with the victory, the remaining teams fought tooth and nail, a dogfight resulting in very marginal differences - truly the highest level of competitive FIFA. 

Concluding the Group Stage - Tale of Thirds

Let's conclude by returning to the topic of the third-place seeds from each Group. Listed below are their relevant performance statistics: 

  • Group A - Floriana FC, Owen "Owen Galea" Galea - 3 Points (-4 Goal Difference)
  • Group B - Birkirkara FC, Kyle "Barzak" Calleja - 3 Points (0 Goal Difference)
  • Group C - Mosta FC, Matteo "Vella_999" Vella - 3 Points (-3 Goal Difference)

It's clear to see, the likes of Birkirkara FC and Mosta FC have earned a spot in the Knockout Stage! 

Be sure to stay up to date as we draw close to the epic conclusion of the 2021/22 season of the Malta BOV ePremier League!

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