Malta BOV ePremier League Group C Recap - Ready for Knockouts

Sunday 7th May 2023, 05:46 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

The third and final Group of the Malta BOV ePremier League Group Stage took place this past week. As the last stop before the Knockout Stage, the fight for seeding was intense and couldn't have been closer - feel free to learn more in our Group C recap!

Malta BOV ePremier League Group C Recap - 1 Point Difference

Now, as we discussed in our preview, Group C was not quite like the other two groups prior. Moreover, instead of featuring five BOV ePremier League clubs, four would be fighting to clinch one of the two seeds available for the Knockout Stage. 

Considering the reduced number of matches in this round robin, the pressure was on to perform at every single moment. 

Taking up the challenge were the following FIFA players and the clubs they represent:

  • Hamrun Sparans - Shaun "Brandsha" Galea
  • Mosta FC - Salvatore "Shortyyt1" Assennato
  • Balzan FC - Isaac "IsaacKyleGrima" Kyle Grima
  • Gudja United - Kursten "Kursten" Sciberras

Once again, the offline competition was hosted at the PBS Creativity Hub in Gwardamangia, where each team had the chance to compete against each other in a round robin. Here's how the entire schedule concluded: 

  • Balzan FC (2-1) Gudja United
  • Mosta FC (2-2) Hamrun Spartans
  • Balzan FC (2-6) Hamrun Spartans
  • Gudja United (3-4) Mosta FC
  • Balzan FC (2-2) Mosta FC
  • Hamrun Spartans (5-1) Gudja United

As a result, Group C concluded as follows: 

Malta BOV ePremier League Group C Recap - Battle for Second

Heading into this Group, there was no question that Shaun "Brandsha" Galea, representing Hamrun Spartans would come out on top. 

However, second place was up for grabs, ending up with a small 1 point deficit as the determining factor. 

Moreover, Gudja United's poor performance put Mosta FC and Balzan FC in the perfect position to fight for second. 

With each team drawing against one another and losing to Hamrun Spartans, Mosta FC's ability to walk away with a draw against Hamrun Spartans made the difference, granting them the second seed. 

As Group C wraps up, it's time for the Knockout Stage - stay tuned for a preview coming out soon!


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