Malta BOV ePremier League Group C Preview - Everything to Play For

Saturday 16th April 2022, 10:36 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

Indeed, this is the final stop before the Knockout Stage of the competition. You know the deal - 4 more of the top FIFA competitors on the island will be vying for the last few spots available in the Knockout Stage of the third season of the Malta BOV ePremier League. With more stakes than ever - read on as we provide all the details you need in this Group C preview!

Malta BOV ePremier League Group C - Focusing on Third Place

Once again, before we proceed, we highly recommend taking a look at our very first Group preview for context as to what's happened and what's next for this awesome season. 

Just like the previous two Groups, the stakes have remained the same. Specifically, the top 2 from the Group will have guaranteed spots in the Knockout Stage.

However, the team placing third will need to place in the top 2 of all third-place teams to proceed - more on this below!

Before proceeding, here is a look at the clubs and representatives heading into this exciting Match Day: 

  • Gzira United - Duane "DuaneMercieca" Mercieca
  • Mosta FC - Matteo "Vella_999" Vella
  • Sliema Wanderers - Luke "LukeBartolo99" Bartolo
  • Valletta FC - Ryan "Klawka" Cauchi

Let's quickly talk about club legacy. Out of all the names here, Sliema Wanderers stand out with their incredible 2nd place finish in the Main Competition from last year.

Meanwhile, outside of Gzira United's break into the Top 4 in the 2019/20 season, all participating clubs are hungry for their very first podium finish. 

Indeed, the only way to get there is to make it to the Knockout Stage - can their representatives take them there? 

Group C - Experience Across the Board

Over the past two Groups, we've discussed the common storyline of 'rookie vs veteran'. Moreover, heading into Group C, we can maintain this exciting narrative as we once again have an awesome mix of talent. 

Let's start the discussion by looking at Sliema Wanderer's Luke "LukeBartolo99" Bartolo. Remember how the Wanderer's placed second last season? Returning to represent the club once again, the veteran is our automatic favourite for the event. 

Having also completed the year before to earn a 9th place finish - his slower playstyle makes him stand out.

Out of all the players here, Luke "LukeBartolo99" Bartolo boasts the Lowest Average Goals Scored and Conceded per Match (2.29) and at the same time also has the Least Total Goals Scored (120). Playing more methodical, playing smart and keeping possession - how will opponents take him down? 

Perhaps a new name to the ePremier League could surprise him - what do Duane "Duane Mercieca" Mercieca and Matteo "Vella_999" Vella have to bring to the table? 

What you'll need is an incredible attack! So much so, that's where Duane "Duane Mercieca" Mercieca specializes. Determined to reach the Knockout Stage for the first time, after years of fighting in qualifiers and making it the Offline Qualifier last year, the player offers the highest Goals Scored per Match (3.94) in the Group.

Yet, he'll need to improve his defence and buff his other highest statistic in the Group - a Goals Conceded per Match of 2.91. 

Also keen to reach the Knockout Stage for the first time is Matteo "Vella_999" Vella, boasting years of experience fighting through qualifiers. Notably, his experience in competitive Rocket League could prove essential, as the esports veteran is likely accustomed to making quick strategic decisions and positioning himself for success. 

Offering perhaps some of the most well-rounded statistics in the Group, his opponents will likely not have a tonne of experience matching up against him - will the element of surprise prove successful? 

Rounding off the Group, is a second veteran - a defensive powerhouse, Ryan "Klawka" Cauchi. Indeed, with the lowest Goals Conceded per Match (1.98) in the Group, his defence will be very tough to crack.

Paired with the highest Win Ratio here of 0.64, his chances are super if he can stay strong. Let's see if he can replicate his 2019/20 season with Tarxien Rainbows where he placed third overall, this being his third competitive season. 

Group C - A Note on Third Place

On another note, remember that since this is the final Group, the top two third-placed teams will be decided following the upcoming match day. As a refresher, here are the two third-place performances from the other groups: 

  • A: Floriana FC (3 Points, -4 GD, 1 Win, 2 Losses)
  • B: Birkirkara FC (3 Points, 0 GD, 0 Wins, 3 Draws)

So to progress here, the third-place team would need to get at least 3 points for decider criteria to come into play.

Schedule for Group C - Match Day 19th April

And just like that, we're ready to conclude by showing off the schedule for this promising event!

19th April 2022, 19:30

  • Gzira United vs Sliema Wanderers
  • Mosta FC vs Valletta FC

19th April 2022, 20:15

  • Gzira United vs Mosta FC
  • Valletta FC vs Siema Wanderers

19th April 2022, 21:00

  • Gzira United vs Valletta FC
  • Sliema Wanderers vs Mosta FC

We’ll be sure to provide a recap of all the action – stay tuned for more!

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