Lovin Malta - An Official Media Partner for the Malta BOV ePremier League 2020/21

Thursday 10th December 2020, 17:59 | written by: Kurt Bonnici

An essential aspect of organizing any competitive event is appropriate broadcasting to all potential viewers, both virtual and physical, through casting, a well-coordinated stream, and other forms of specialised media. We are pleased to welcome LovinMalta onboard as the official media partner for the 2020/21 Season.

Popular among the Maltese youth and the country in general, the company is one of the top news portals on the Island. Embracing a modern approach to journalism, the team of journalists and reporters hold true to being 'the online guide to Malta' by creating content concerning both ends of the spectrum. At one end is your standard political and serious national news with the Lovin Malta flare, while the other end indulges in a more comedic taste in addressing local trends, personalities, and Maltese humour with the mutual aim of keeping the locals up to date, if from an alternate perspective. Regardless of the above description, we're certain that it's rather unnecessary as anyone that's up to date is familiar with the name of Lovin Malta.

Together with the help of Lovin Malta, our aim is to have a strong presence in the media when it comes to esports - keeping everyone updated and perhaps enlightening those who are still to learn of esports. 

Learn more about the platform through their website:

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