DISRUPT Partnering with the Malta BOV ePremier League 2021/22 - Our Official Apparel Partner

Monday 28th February 2022, 03:36 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

With the third season of the Malta BOV ePremier League, we looked to continue shaking up traditional football competition for the modern generation. Likewise, our official apparel partner shares this passion for progressive innovation and disrupting mainstream - we're referring to none other than DISRUPT! Read on to learn more about our partner!

Disrupt Partnering with the Malta BOV ePremier League 2021/22 - A New Fashion Revolution

Without a doubt, fashion is an awesome form of self-expression, screaming volumes without having to say a word. Just like our competitors embrace their own personalities in their particular playstyles on the main stage, personal individual statements are a pillar of DISRUPT. 

As its namesake implies, the brands behind DISRUPT are engineered to turn heads wherever you find yourself. Celebrating staple brands such as Adidas, FILA, Alpha Industries and Le Coq Sportif, there's nowhere on the island better suited for your next shopping spree. 

Considering the incredible foothold DISRUPT holds over street, sport and pop culture, we're absolutely delighted to announce our partnership for this upcoming season.

Bearing this in mind, you can expect our players to make the most of this partnership and step up their fashion with a quick visit to the Birkirkara or The Point outlets - why don't you do the same? 

Be sure to stay tuned for any further updates for the Malta BOV ePremier League 2021/22 season!

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