BOV ePremier League Online Qualifiers 2023 Recap - Set For the Offline Qualifier

Thursday 19th January 2023, 08:04 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

Earlier this year, we took the time to review the exciting format for this fourth season of the Malta BOV ePremier League. Indeed, while tweaks and changes were made to the overall journey to the Main Event, the main structure remained relatively untouched. Accordingly, over the past few weeks, multiple Online Qualifiers took place - read on to learn who booked their spot in the next stage!

BOV ePremier League Online Qualifiers 2023 - Four Heats of Competition

With the release of a new game mixed with a flurry of new names, these Online Open Qualifiers were a moshpit of competition. 

As we'll reiterate, these events were open to any Maltese resident with a valid EA Account (16+ years). Regarding the format, each Online Qualifier offered a double elimination bracket, with different stakes for each event.

Specifically, the top 4 players from the first 2 Qualifiers and the top 6 players from the last 2 Qualifiers would move on to the Offline Qualifier. Bearing this in mind, here's a list of all the competitors who made the cut: 

Qualifier 1 - 4th January - 4 seeds

  1. Bonell
  2. Isa20902
  3. juventinato253
  4. Haller10

Qualifier 2 - 10th January - 4 seeds

  1. Kursten
  2. Vli 
  3. Peqqii
  4. KieranmaltaWHU

Qualifier 3 - 11th January - 6 seeds

  1. Menacing_MT
  2. Punisher
  3. Mangani
  4. Johnny_lonut
  5. Jilligones
  6. EM91

Qualifier 4 - 17th January - 6 seeds

  1. EliteKiller_097
  2. Dunstan12
  3. Picina11
  4. Muwx_19
  5. UnknownMT
  6. JustCantLose

Heading into the Offline Qualifier - Rookies Versus Veterans

While getting this far is certainly an achievement in itself, these champions are one event away from the Main Event. 

Moreover, getting to the Main Competition will involve competing in an Offline Qualifier where there's nowhere to hide, as the 20 online seeds compete in the following context: 

  • 20 - from the Online Qualifiers 
  • 10 - 3-12th of Malta BOV ePremier League 21/22 season
  • 2 - direct qualifiers at Playcon 2022

At this stage, the 32 competitors will have to fight through a six-round Swiss Format tournament where only the top 11 players will move on to the Main Competition Group Stage. 

Naturally, with new names facing known faces, there are many questions to ask - can the new names surprise? Have the best from last year carried on their performances to this year? 

In the coming days, we'll be working on a featured preview article for the Offline Qualifier 2023. 

We can't wait to get things started - stay tuned for more through the official Malta BOV ePremier League news page here!

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