BOV ePremier League Online Qualifier 4 Recap - The Final Stage Before Offline

Thursday 20th January 2022, 04:56 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

Heading into this final qualifier, tensions were incredibly high. No more chances, no more time - players either show up or forget any chance of making it to the Offline Qualifier. Bearing this in mind, the BOV ePremier League Online Qualifier 4 captivated the community on the evening of January 18th. Let's take a look and see how it all went down in the following recap!

BOV ePremier League Online Qualifier 4 Recap - Shortyy Goes the Distance

The final group of competitors consisted of 53 participants, many of whom had already participated in all three earlier qualifiers. This time, only the top 8 would progress. After an intense evening of competitive FIFA, here are your top 8: 

Truly, it's incredible that Salvatore "Shortyy" Assennato, our winner, made his debut for the BOV ePremier League in this event. Surprising the competition, he managed to clean out the competition with only a few close shaves. 

Such a personality contrasts the likes of Kyle "BarzaK5x" Calleja as the only returning veteran from last season on this list, as the former representative for Sirens FC

The remaining four winners can be split into two groups. Starting with Emerson "EM91" Marcelina, "Jmangani" and Calvin "Calvin" Bonett, these competitors have fought through each online qualifier this year, finally reaping success from their efforts. 

Speaking of which, Jake "Dugal" Bonello, Glenn "Glenn_acmilan" Magro and Matthew "Peqqii420x" Vella outdo them in this regard, having competed in the qualifiers of this season and last season - we can't wait to see if they step up to the plate at the Offline Qualifier. 

To conclude this fourth and final recap, here's a statement from the winner himself, Salvatore "Shortyy" Assennato: 

Winning the last and only Online Qualifier I played in Malta was incredible: it was one of my first tournaments played since playing Ultimate Team and managing to achieve first place gives me confidence for the Offline Qualifier.

Most of the matches played were close, against very good players, who kept me focused despite leading some matches with 2/3 goals ahead. Having figured out the level of those players competing in the Offline Qualifier pushes me even more to practice in order to get ready for next week. Ultimately, I am looking forward to play my first offline tournament and perform my best to qualify for the next stage.

Be sure to stay tuned for more recaps of the ongoing BOV ePremier League Qualifiers.

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