BOV ePremier League Online Qualifier 1 Recap - Turbuleensee Fights For First

Monday 10th January 2022, 10:32 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

With almost 80 participants stacked up, the Malta BOV ePremier League Online Qualifier 1 was guaranteed to lead us into the new year on an epic note. Accordingly, across one evening of competition on the 29th December, six players claimed a coveted spot in the Offline Qualifier. Read on for your very own Online Qualifier 1 Recap!

Online Qualifier 1 Recap - Upsets and Usurpers

Indeed, only after 6 hours of extensive competition across our double-elimination bracket did we manage to crown our top 6 players from the online qualifier event.

Amongst the winners, there are some familiar faces.

Namely, we'd like to congratulate Gianluca "Turbuleensee" Sant on his victory, having competed in the Main Competition for the past seasons. Note that despite finishing first, the veteran went through the blender following a surprising loss in the Winners' Bracket, managing an impressive comeback.

Similarly, IsaacKyleGrima joins him as a returning competitor, managing to squeeze in at the final moments thanks to some valiant efforts. 

Otherwise, the remaining talents stand undiscovered, until now. Starting with "GCAMBEAMZ-", we're thrilled with his second-place performance, especially after previous unsuccessful efforts in last season's Online Qualifiers. The same can be said for Kurt "Kurt_dbird" Pace, Malcolm "Fantasystrikes" Said, and Matthias "Matthias" Farrugia

Evidently, despite their varying amount of success in the past, perseverance has granted them a chance at the Offline Qualifier later this year. 

To conclude this first recap, here's a statement from the winner himself, Gianluca "Turbuleensee" Sant: 

Despite winning the first Online Qualifier, it was very tough to adapt to a different gameplay than I am used to. There were some very close matches, even ones that was loosing by 2 or more goals, but I managed to stay calm during these moments and in the end I overturned the result in my favour.

Winning the first Online Qualifier helped me in getting a confidence boost going forward to the Offline Qualifier and by knowing that the level is going to be even higher I am already preparing myself by playing frequently in Division Rivals, online cups and some friendlies against other pro players too.

Be sure to stay tuned for more recaps of the ongoing qualifiers!

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