BOV ePremier League Group B Player of the Week - Matthias "Tubbi" Farrugia

Friday 22nd April 2022, 05:26 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

Facing off at an event like the BOV ePremier League Group Stage is rather daunting, especially if you're new around the block. Yet, the challenge did nothing to concern the likes of Matthias "Tubbi" Farrugia. Squaring up against the veteran, apart from our Group B Winner, he's our Player of the Week too!

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BOV ePremier League Group B Player of the Week - Quick Interview

Indeed, just like we did for Group A, the action was followed up by a vote. Powered by our awesome partner Pepsi, the Player of the Week award would be awarded considered public (70%) and a judging panel vote (30%). 

Accordingly, edging second-place out by the smallest of margins, the champion of the Group has once again earned the community's support. 

Bearing this in mind, we sat down with the youngster to throw a few questions their way, have a look below: 

#1: Walking away as the champion from the toughest Group yet, tell us, how are you feeling after that well-earned victory? 

I'm feeling very proud of myself, especially since I honestly wasn’t expecting to win the Group. 

#2: As voted by the community and the jury, you are our Group B Player of the Week! Heading into the event as a rookie, how did you prepare to face your opponents? 

I trained a lot and was looking forward to competing with a certain level of self-confidence.

Although I lost to two  opponents at the Offline Qualifier I still believed in myself and knew I could pull off the victory this time around. 

#3: Group B boiled down to an incredible stalemate between yourself and Gudja United FC. Indeed, perhaps the most important match was the 6-5 nail-biting victory over Sirens FC - tell us, how did you manage such an impressive victory? 

Despite going down early, after the first leg I stayed calm and tried to switch things up. Specifically, I changed some tactics, the formation and swapped some players. Together with the help of my coach, I played my game and got the result I wanted!

Regardless, I certainly wasn’t expecting to pull off one of the best comebacks I think I’ve ever made while competing at such a high level of FIFA

#4: Pivotal to your success is your impressive statistic. Out of all the players in Group B, your Goals Scored Per Match (4.58) was the highest out of any player there. How is your attack so successful? 

Honestly, I just don't overcomplicate it. At every opportunity, I try to find space, find the right pass, maybe perform a skill to beat my opponent and rinse and repeat.

#5: And finally, let's look ahead. Representing one of the top clubs in the BOV ePremier League, Ħamrun Spartans, what is your aim for the Knockout Stage? Also, is there anyone, in particular, you hope to compete against? 

My aim is to go as far as possible and also try to win it.

Personally, I think there is no one in particular that I hope to come against because I believe everyone is a good player considering they’ve come this far to the Knockout.

Some great responses out of the rookie. Although young, it's clear that Matthias "Tubbi" Farrugia has a clear grasp of the basics of competitive FIFA. Indeed, once you find yourself in a tough spot, basics always help - this experience could prove useful for the Knockout Stage!

We can't wait to see how he performs down the line!

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