BOV ePremier League Group A Player of the Week - Miguel “Migi” Grima

Sunday 3rd April 2022, 06:38 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

Earlier this month, we witnessed the BOV ePremier League Group Stage kick off this Main Stage of the competition. Accordingly, Group A offered some incredible competition and gruelling matches. However, from the fire and the flames emerged a new victor - Miguel “Migi” Grima. Read on as we earn some insight from the youngster after being selected as Player of the Week!

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BOV ePremier League Group A Player of the Week - Quick Interview

Specifically, thanks to our partner Pepsi, the Player of the Week awards are back. As we outlined in our sponsor article, voting took place these past few weeks. Following a 70% public and 30% judging panel vote - the clear winner is crowned as the winner of the Group!

Anyways, we reached out the youngster to gather some insight into his thoughts. Take a look at a little interview we conducted with the player below: 

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#1: First things first - congratulations on placing first for Group A! How does it feel to earn that first place spot? 

First of all I want to thank you for reaching out and for your congratulations.

Placing first wasn't the easiest task for me, due to the level of such players which makes it the toughest group in my opinion. In fact, it was my hardest task so far in my journey of the BOV ePremier League. Therefore, I feel very satisfied with what I managed to achieve so far, especially since it's my first time competing in such a competition.

#2: What's more? You're also the Group A Player of the Week! Tell us, what do you think makes your playstyle stand out compared to the other players competing? 

First of all I'd like to thank everyone that took their time and chose to vote for me for Player of the Week - there's still plenty more to come!

The BOV ePremier League gave me a well needed confidence boost and made me believe more in myself as I never expected that I was capable of such a level. Specifically, I believe that my consistent and composed defending is what makes me the better player in a game, allowing me as much time as possible to get the first goal by always playing direct football.

#3: Indeed, your victory in Group A boiled down to one epic final game against the veteran Gianluca "Turbulense" Sant. Describe how you approached this tough match, what was the thought process? 

Facing such a tough opponent I knew that I needed to do my best and stay focused. I also have to mention that without my brother coaching and believing in me it wouldn't have been possible.

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#4: Furthermore, with it being the first time you've qualified for the Group Stage, this was only your second offline competition locally. How different is it competing on a stage compared to online and which environment do you prefer? 

As I was playing the Qualifiers from home I was constantly saying that it's going to be easy to qualify and indeed it was, but as soon as you get on the stage and playing next to your opponent you begin to understand how much harder it is. Especially considering the pressure you get, competitors wanting to eat you and the fact that you know a lot of people are watching. Either way I still prefer an on-stage environment (LAN) as it makes me more focused and determined to win!

#5: And now, let's look to the future. With a guaranteed spot in the Knockout Stage, how are you feeling heading into the event? Also, who do you consider to be your greatest competition? 

Heading into the event I now know that the games are going to be even harder so I need to make sure I train well enough and be prepared to make sure that I won't get knocked out easily. If I'll be unfortunate enough once again I'd say my toughest opponent would be Gianluca Sant (Turbulense) as I know that he's the most hard working out of all the players and especially with his coach Christian Spiteri.

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One main take away from these answers is clear - coaches have an important role and could prove pivotal to success deeper into the competition. 

Otherwise, we can't wait to see how far Miguel “Migi” Grima's talent can take him, with his brother at his side!

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