BeExclusive Sponsoring the Malta ePremier League 2021/22 - Going for Authentic Content

Monday 13th December 2021, 06:00 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

In the coming months, you won't be watching 'players' competing against one another in the Malta ePremier League 2021/22. In fact, you'll be watching individuals, all with separate and unique personalities and trademarks, competing against one another under a banner of respect. Accordingly, with BeExclusive sponsoring this upcoming season, we couldn't be more confident in the quality of future content!

BeExclusive Sponsoring the Malta ePremier League 2021/22 - Back from Last Year

Building an event such as the Malta ePremier League 2021/22 is certainly a tall order. One step of the process of registering an original trademark and design. Luckily, we have BeExclusive as our official Exclusive Content Partner for this upcoming season, back from last year.

Just like last year, BeExclusive will be pivotal to bringing us all the entertainment through engaging pieces of video content such as trivia games and match recaps.

However, the mission statement behind BeExclusive is focused on the essential business side of it all. Nothing is more precious than a trademark. For those unaware, a trademark is a symbol/word or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. Last year, the entity focused on their campaign Be Exclusive: Register Your Trademark and Design which we happily supported. 

Moreover, they're going one step further with their Be Original: Go For Authentic campaign! Through this framework, the entity is promoting the importance of purchasing original goods and avoiding counterfeit items - a mentality and mission that we happily stand beside.

Accordingly, as multiple industries race to digitalize, Be Exclusive is one step ahead and continues to work in tandem with the Maltese IP Office to continue fighting to preserve the beloved trademarks we all hold dear to our hearts.

Sponsor Statement - Respecting and Protecting Trademarks

Such a notion is highlighted by the Industrial Property Registration Director, Matthew Pisani, in the following statement:

The younger generation is renowned for embracing the digital world and are incessantly being targeted online by counterfeiters. It was thus felt that, considering its reach and accessibility, a digital event such as the Malta BOV ePremier League would be an ideal medium to communicate with these stakeholders with a view to spread the message of the importance of IPRs and encourage the respect and registration of Trademarks and Designs nationally and at the EU level.

Following last year’s successful event, the Maltese IP Office is eager to collaborate once again with the Malta BOV ePremier League and looks forward to another fruitful partnership.

Clearly, It is with this passion for exclusive and original trademarks and content that we're very pleased to have them on-board for another season.

Be sure to stay tuned for more sponsorship announcements!

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