Be Exclusive: Register Your Trademark & Design campaign announced as Exclusive Content Partner

Tuesday 9th March 2021, 06:15 | written by: Kurt Aquilina

The Malta BOV ePremier League is entering into a partnership agreement with the Be Exclusive: Register Your Trademark & Design campaign named as Exclusive Content Partner for this year's edition.

Building a business is hard work and you rely on your reputation to attract new customers and grow your business further. A strong and reputable Trademark is therefore pivotal to business success and that is why protecting that trademark is equally important. A unique and distinctive logo distinguishes your business from your competitors in a world where people are inundated with advertisements every day.

Think of the damage to your business’ reputation if a competitor were to start using your mark to advertise their own product or service and attracting customers that would have otherwise come to you. Or worse still, delivering sub-standard products or services under your name. The best way to protect your brand, therefore, is by registering your trademark.

The Be Exclusive: Register Your Trademark & Design campaign is managed by the Maltese IP Office within the Commerce Department, and works on raising awareness on this particular topic while helping local businesses, creators and designers protect their brand and assets. More info can be found at

The video games industry is a multimillion global industry that highly requires intellectual property rights protection on a daily basis. In 2020 alone, it is estimated that over $159B was generated in revenue with many major companies rebooting some of their old franchises and even launching new ones.

In this regard, the Maltese IP Office felt that, through the Malta BOV ePremier League, we would manage to reach a vast number of people particularly the younger generation who are exposed daily to video games which is drawn on the worlds of both technology and creativity.

- Matthew Pisani,  Industrial Property Registration Director


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