Are you ready for Qualifier 2?

Saturday 19th December 2020, 03:50 | written by: Kurt Aquilina

After some intense matches during Qualifier 1, here is some information one must read before starting Qualifier 2.

Before the Tournament Starts

  1. Joining the tournament doesn't mean you're 100% in but it means that you reserved a spot, you still need to do the Check-In process which is from 12:00 till 14:25 to be ready to play in the Qualifier.
  2. It is important that rules are read and understood. Not knowing a particular rule is not an excuse. One can find the full set of rules here.
  3. Fixtures will be out after 14:30. Any players that fail to check-in before 14:25 will be automatically removed and replaced by checked-in players on the waiting list.

During the Tournament

  1. The No Show period time is 15 minutes after the match's original start time. All no shows must be reported on the website with clear proof that the opponent didn't add you.
  2. Both players must report the match results within 10 minutes of its completion. Players cannot start a complaint after the 10 minutes compilation time is over or a match result was accepted.
  3. Breaking any rule and any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a forfeit of a game, match, or ban from the Malta BOV ePremier League.

Other Information

  1. It is important that all players join the discord server since all information will be posted there during the tournament.
  2. The Top 8 Players will qualify for the Offline Qualifiers, and their position won't reflect in any way or another their seed in the tournament.
  3. Admin's decision is final

Best of Luck!

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